RMC200 Motion Controller

Up to 32 Axis

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Introducing Delta’s most capable electro-hydraulic motion controller. The RMC200 controls up to 32 axes, and our familiar RMCTools software makes it easy to synchronize every one of them — from simple single-loop position control to complex dual-loop control of position-pressure/force. Make ‘What’s Next’ happen for you.

New Features

The RMC200 supports most of the features of the RMC70 and RMC150. New features include:

  • Feature Key

    The removable and field-upgradable Feature Key token in the CPU module specifies the number of customer-ordered control loops.

  • High Analog Resolution

    Increased analog input and output resolution of 18 bits.

  • Control Loop Times

    Lower control loop times, down to 250 μsec, for more axes

  • Negative correction factor for load cells
  • More feedback filter types

For more new features, see Comparing Controllers


The RMC200 consists of a base and user-installable modules. Choose the modules for your application:


  • B7: 7 slots (5 I/O slots)
  • B11: 11 slots (9 I/O slots)
  • B15: 15 slots (13 I/O slots)

Power Supply

  • PS4D: 24VDC-input, 35 watt power supply module for the B7 and B11 bases
  • PS6D: 24VDC-input, 56 watt power supply module for the B15 base


  • CPU40: RMC200 CPU for up to 32 axes, with USB, dual-port Ethernet port, display screen, 2 discrete input, 2 discrete outputs.
    Each CPU requires a Feature Key with the desired number of control loops.

I/O Modules

  • A8: Eight Analog Inputs, supporting ±10 V or 4-20mA
  • S8: Eight SSI or MDT inputs, supporting Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) or Magnetostrictive Displacement Transducer (MDT) with Start/Stop or PWM signals. Supports one quadrature input.
  • Q4: Four quadrature encoder inputs, supporting RS-422, HTL, or TTL, with home and registration inputs
  • CA4: Four analog outputs, supporting ±10 V, 4-20 mA, or ±20 mA, with fault inputs and enable outputs
  • D24: 24 Discrete I/O, configurable, 4 fixed high speed inputs for 2 quadrature encoder inputs or 2 pulse counter inputs


Easy integration with your favorite PLCs, operator interfaces, and PCs.

Communication Protocols

Ethernet – 100 Mbps
  • EtherNet/IP
  • Modbus/TCP
  • PROFINET (Planned)
  • CSP (Allen-Bradley)
  • FINS (Omron)
  • Procedure Exist (Mitsubishi)
  • ... and more
RMCTools Communication
  • Ethernet
  • USB – High-speed USB 2.0 port (480 Mbps)

RMCLink ActiveX and .Net Assembly
Use RMCLink to communication with any RMC motion controllers from your custom program.

Transducer Connectivity

  • SSI (Serial Synchronous Interface)
  • Start/Stop and PWM (Magnetostrictive)
  • Analog ±10V and 4-20mA
  • Quadrature Encoder

RMCTools Software

Easy-to-use wizards, excellent graphing, complete troubleshooting.

Handles setup, programming, tuning, and diagnostics for the RMC70, RMC150, and RMC200