Legacy Software

While Delta does not recommend its legacy controllers for new designs, Delta is committed to providing support for its legacy controllers and their respective setup and diagnostics software. Delta's policy is to not obsolete any product as long as there is demand and component parts are available for building these products.

Some software requires a PC capable of running MS-DOS, so it is important that users requiring long-term support for these controllers make provisions for maintaining PCs capable of operating the DCSMon software.

The software packages are controller-specific. Use the table below to find the software for your legacy controller.

Legacy Motion Controller Legacy Software File
RMC100 RMCWin rmcwininstall.exe
MMC120 DCS120-Win or DCS120-DOS dcs120wininstall.zip
MC186/40 DCSMON (DOS) for MC186/40 mc.zip
MMC188/41 DCSMON (DOS) for MMC188/41 mmc.zip
TMC188/40 DCSMON (DOS) for MC188/40 tmc.zip
VMC186/40 DCSMON (DOS) for VMC186/40 vmc.zip


If you have any questions regarding support requirements, please contact Delta.