Motion Software

Set-up, Diagnostics, Programming and Plotting

Delta's powerful motion control software packages allow you to set up, display, troubleshoot, configure and control all features of Delta's motion controllers.

The motion control software is shipped with the motion controllers and is available for free download.

The software packages are controller-specific. Use the chart below to determine which software you need.

Motion Controller Motion Software
RMC70 Series RMCTools
RMC150 RMCTools
RMC200 RMCTools

ActiveX Control and .NET Assembly

The RMCLink ActiveX Control and .NET Assembly enables direct serial RS-232 or Ethernet communication with any of Delta Computer System's RMC family of motion controllers from numerous programming languages and applications.

See the RMCLink ActiveX Control and .Net Assembly for details.

Legacy Software

See the Legacy Software page for software used with Delta's legacy motion controllers.