Eight Software-Configurable Discrete I/O

The D8 adds eight discrete inputs or outputs to the RMC70 Series motion controller. Up to 32 I/O may be added if all four Expansion modules are D8s.

Each I/O can be individually configured in software as an input or output. Inputs and outputs are polarity independent. However, since there is just one input common and one output common, all inputs must be the same polarity, and all outputs must be the same polarity, but inputs need not be the same polarity as outputs. That is, outputs can switch high side or low side, and the inputs can be operated with either polarity signals.

Inputs and outputs are 12-24VDC rated and optically isolated from the controller. Since all inputs share a common connection, there is no isolation between input points. Likewise, all outputs share a common pin and therefore do not have isolation between outputs.

The D8 can be used for the following purposes: