RMC70 Expansion Modules

Expand the RMC70 Functionality

Up to four Expansion modules (Exp70) of any combination can be added to an RMC70 motion controller to bring additional capabilities to the controller.

The Exp70-D8 module adds discrete I/O functionality, the Exp70-A2 adds analog reference inputs, and the Exp70-AP2 adds analog inputs intended for use as pressure or force inputs as part of Delta’s powerful position–pressure or position–force control feature.

RMC70 Series motion controllers consist of a factory-configured Base module with one or two control axes, plus up to four field-installable Expansion modules.

Each Expansion module can be added quickly by simply plugging it into an open expansion connector and securing it with four screws.

No backplane is required—the first Expansion module plugs on to the right side of the Base module, and each subsequent Expansion module plugs into the previous Expansion module.

Each Exp70 module has its own DIN rail locking lever so the entire assembly can be securely mounted. The assembly may also be panel mounted.

Expansion Module Description
EXP70-D8 Discrete I/O
Eight discrete I/O individually configurable for any combination of inputs or outputs. Inputs and outputs are 12-24VDC rated, polarity independent, and optically isolated from controller.
EXP70-AP2 Analog Inputs with Pressure Limit
Two differential 10 V or 4-20 mA analog inputs for use in position–pressure or position–force control axes. Inputs are 16 bit resolution, and are optically isolated from the controller.
EXP70-A2 Analog Inputs
Two differential 10 V or 4-20 mA analog reference inputs. Inputs are 16 bit resolution, and are optically isolated from the controller.
EXP70-Q1 Quadrature input
Adds one 5 V differential quadrature input for position reference feedback, and a high-speed input for homing or registration. Maximum two Q1s per RMC70.

Shipping and Installation

Base modules and Expansion modules ship in individual boxes. The Expansion modules must be installed on the Base module by the user.