Serial Communications

The RMC75S provides the processing power of the RMC75 series motion controllers with Serial communications and an RS-232 Monitor port.

The RMC75S combines multiple communication protocols with RS-232 and RS-485 transceiver options to form a versatile and industrial-hardened communication platform. The RS-232 option provides full-duplex point-to-point communications, while RS-485 allows half-duplex multi-drop networking with up to 128 RMC70s.

Due to limited throughput of serial communications, the RMC75S is best suited for applications where time-critical machine control functions related to motion are implemented in the RMC75S using the RMC70 User Programs. The serial communications works well for low-bandwidth monitoring or modifications to the RMC75S parameters or User Program variables. In applications where higher throughput is necessary, consider one of Delta's other RMC70 CPU/Communications choices.


Supported Protocols

Register Data Types:

The RMC75 uses floating-point (REAL) data type registers. A handful of these registers are actually used as double integers (DINT) or double word (DWORD) data types.