PROFIBUS Communications

The RMC75P provides the processing power of the RMC75 series motion controllers with PROFIBUS-DP communications and an RS-232 Monitor port.

PROFIBUS is a vendor-independent, open fieldbus standard for a wide range of applications in manufacturing and factory automation.

This high-speed fieldbus was designed especially for communicating between programmable controllers and distributed I/O such as the RMC70 Series motion controller.

Up to 126 nodes can be connected to a single network spanning up to 14km. The RMC75P module supports data rates up to 12Mbaud, permitting high-speed on-the-fly downloads of positions, parameters, and commands to the RMC70 and high-speed uploads of motion profile and status information to the host controller.

The RMC75P PROFIBUS-DP interface gives the flexibility of several operating modes. Select the mode that best fits your application and PROFIBUS-DP master’s capabilities.

Register Data Types:

The RMC75 uses floating-point (REAL) data type registers. A handful of these registers are actually used as double integers (DINT) or double word (DWORD) data types.