High-performance Motion Control
Superior Connectivity

The CPU portion of the RMC70 Series Base module contains the communications and the central processing unit. The initial CPU offering is the RMC75, which includes firmware for one or two axes of motion, support for up to four Expansion modules, and Delta’s easy-to-use Step Editor for user programs.

In addition to the power input and primary communications port, each RMC70 CPU module contains a Monitor Port, intended for communication with RMCTools. On the RMC75P and RMC75S CPU modules, this is an RS-232 serial port. On the RMC75E, this is a USB port.

The RMC75 CPU modules differ only in the communication type.

CPU Module Communication Type Monitor Port
RMC75E Ethernet
Modbus/TCP, CSP, EtherNet/IP,
Procedure Exist (Mitsubishi Q-series and FX-Series), FINS (Omron), PROFINET
RMC75S Serial RS-232, RS-485
Allen-Bradley DF1, Modbus/RTU, Bidirectional Protocol (Mitsubishi Q-series)

Register Data Types:

The RMC75 uses mostly floating-point (REAL) data type registers. A few registers are double integers (DINT) or double word (DWORD) data types.

RMC70 Communications Compatibility with Common Host Systems

Host System RMC75E RMC75P RMC75S
A-B CompactLogix A-B# 1761-NET-ENI   A-B DF1
A-B ControlLogix A-B# 1756-ENBT SST# SST-PFB-CLX A-B DF1
A-B MicroLogix A-B# 1761-NET-ENI   A-B DF1 (1500 LRP Recommended)
A-B PLC-2, PLC-3     A-B DF1
A-B PLC5/x0 Built-in with PLC-5/x0E PLCs or use A-B# 1785-ENET SST# SST-PFB-PLC5 A-B DF1
A-B SLC500 Built-in with SLC 5/05.  Others use
A-B# 1761-NET-ENI
(SLC 5/03 or later) SST# SST-PFB-SLC A-B DF1
A-B SoftLogix 5800 Any Windows comp Ethernet card   A-B DF1
A-B SoftLogix 5 Any Windows comp Ethernet card SST# 5136-PFB-PCI or 5136-PFB-ISA  
DirectLogic DL05/06 Automation Direct# H0-ECOM100   Automation Direct# D0-DCM
via Modbus/RTU
DirectLogic DL205/405 Automation Direct# H2-ECOM100,
  DL250 and 260 CPUs support Modbus/RTU
GE Fanuc
Series 90-30
Ethernet available on new models Horner Electric# HE693PBM101  
GE Fanuc
Series 90-70
Modicon 800 Series (*1), other     Modicon Modbus/RTU
Mitsubishi FX-Series FX3U    
Mitsubishi Q-Series Mitsubishi # QJ71MT91, QJ71E71-100   Mitsubishi # QJ71C24N
Modicon Premium Modicon# TSXETY110 Modicon#
Modicon Modbus/RTU
Modicon TSX Momentum   Modicon#
170 DNT 110 00
Modicon Modbus/RTU
Modicon TSX Quantum (*2) Modicon#
140 NOE 211 00
140 GRP 811 00
Modicon Modbus/RTU
PC (ISA) PC-based SCADA or control software that can communicate over Ethernet to any of the controllers in this chart may support the RMC5E.
The RMCLink ActiveX Control and .NET Assembly for communication via Ethernet can be used from numerous programming languages on a PC.
SST# 5136-PFB-ISA or 5136–PBMS-ISA Lan# SMS-CIF30-PB or SMS-CIF30-DPM PC-based software that supports DF1 or Modbus/RTU
The RMCLink ActiveX Control and .NET Assembly for communication via serial RS-232 can be used from numerous programming languages on a PC.
PC (PCI) SST# 5136-PFB-PCI Lan# SMS-CIF50-PB App# Several versions
PC (3U CompactPCI) App# CPCI1000PFB
PC (PC/104) SST# 5136-PFB-104 Lan# SMS-CIF104-PB or SMS-CIF104-DPM App# PCI104PFB
or PC104-DPI
Reliance AutoMax   SST# SST-PFB-REL  
Siemens Simatic 505 (*3), S5   Many options available from Siemens  
Siemens Simatic S7-300, S7-400   Many options available from Siemens  
SoftPLC PC-based—Ethernet support standard    
VMEbus (*4)   SST# 5136-PFB-VME  
Wonderware InTouch DASABCIP Server   DASMBSerial Server


This is only a partial list. The RMC75 motion controllers can communicate with the above PLCs or any other PLC using the D8 expansion. The RMC75 family can also communicate directly to many HMIs via Ethernet, A-B DF1, or Modbus RTU or other protocols.

This list is provided for the convenience of our customers. Delta shall have no liability whatsoever for the use of this information, the accuracy or completeness of list or of the availability or suitability of any products referenced.

All registered or trademarked names are the property of their respective companies.

A-B: Allen-Bradley (
App: Applicom (
Automation Direct (
CTI: Control Technology, Inc. (
GE Fanuc (,
Hilscher ( available through Lantronix
Horner Electric APG (
Lan: Lantronix (formerly Synergetic Micro Systems, Inc.) (
Mitsubishi (
Modicon or Schnieder Electric: (
Omron (
Reliance (
ProSoft Technology, Inc. (
Siemens ( or (
SoftPLC Corp )
SST: (