RMC70 QA Axis Module

Quadrature Feedback,
Analog Control Output (± 10V)

The QA1 and QA2 axis modules, with differential (RS-422) quadrature inputs and analog ±10V control outputs, allow cost-effective control of a wide variety of electric drives as well as electric and hydraulic servo motors.

The QA1 and QA2 axis modules generate analog control outputs and interface to quadrature encoders with 5V differential (RS-422) signals. Additional high-speed inputs allow for homing, registration, or positive and negative limits on a per axis basis. The QA1 and the QA2 modules control one and two axes respectively. QAx modules can be used for position control. Position–pressure or position–force control requires the AP2 Expansion module.

Take advantage of the RMC70’s superior tuning and diagnostics by operating drives and amplifiers in their simplest mode, thereby transferring control to the RMC70. Doing this can lower long term maintenance costs by avoiding obsolescence issues common to many smart drives.

Supported Control Types


Cables for the QA modules are available for purchase from Delta. The cables have a DB25 connector on one end and three individual pig-tailed cables for drive, encoder, and limits on the other end. Custom lengths are also available.

Length Part Number
6 ft RMC-CB-QUAD-01-06
10 ft RMC-CB-QUAD-01-10
15 ft RMC-CB-QUAD-01-15