RMC70 AA Axis Module

Analog Inputs (± 10V, 4-20mA), Analog Control Output (± 10V)

The AA1 and AA2 Axis modules generate ± 10V analog control outputs and interface to position or pressure feedback transducers with the following characteristics:

The AA1 and the AA2 modules control one and two axes respectively. Each axis may be independently configured for interface to a voltage-output or current-output transducer. Each axis has a 16- bit, ±10V analog Control Output, an isolated 12-24VDC discrete Fault Input, and an isolated 12-24V SSR* Enable Output.

AAx modules can be used for position, pressure or force control. To use the AAx modules for position–pressure or position–force control, the AP2 Expansion module is also required.

Supported Control Types

Current Control Output

If you need current Control Output instead of voltage Control Output (e.g. to drive a servo coil), use the VC2100 series voltage-to-current converters.