RMC200 S8

8 SSI or MDT Inputs

S8 Module

The S8 module provides eight inputs, individually software selectable as SSI, or as magnetostrictive Start/Stop or PWM inputs. One RS-422 quadrature input (A+, A-, B+, B-) may be configured in software, using inputs 6 and 7 on the S8 module.

The S8 module interfaces with both linear sensors and rotary encoders. One LED per channel indicates the state of the respective input.

S8 Features

    SSI Interface

  • RS-422 differential data and clock
  • Software selectable data input impedance
  • Clock selectable from 100 kHz to 2500 kHz
  • Up to 0.5µm resolution for magnetostrictive linear displacement transducers
  • 8 to 32 bits, binary or gray code
  • Start/Stop and PWM Interface

  • MDT with Start/Stop or PWM feedback
  • RS-422 differential for external interrogation and return input
  • 0.0005 in. resolution
  • 440 in. maximum transducer length at 4 ms loop time
  • Quadrature Interface

  • 5V differential (RS-422) receiver for A+, A-, B+, B-.
  • Software selectable data input impedance
  • Maximum 8,000,000 quadrature counts/second