RMC200 PS4D and PS6D

24 Vdc input, 35 W or 56 W

PS4D Power Supply Module PS6D Power Supply Module

The PS4D and PS6D power supply modules require a nominal 24 Vdc supply. The PS4D is able to power a fully loaded B7 or B11 base. The PS6D is able to power a fully-loaded B15 base. Both include status indicator LEDs and an unpluggable terminal block.

Power Supply Features

  • 24 Vdc in
  • PS4D: 2.1 A in (max) at full power
    PS6D: 3.3 A in (max) at full power
  • PS4D: 35 W output power
    PS6D: 56 W output power
  • 500 Vac functional isolation
  • Status indicator LEDs