RMC200 Modules

Modular Design

RMC200 Module Installation

Modules Rock In, Rock Out

The RMC200 modules are designed to be user-installable and removable. The modules rock in and out, rotating around a pivot point. Modules may be installed and removed without being damaged while the RMC200 is powered. The pivot action ensures the electrical pins engage the base pins in a certain order, preventing damage to the module. Note: this is not hot-swapping in the sense of removing modules while equipment is operating.

Materials and Construction

An aluminum base and modules composed of 22 gauge nickel-plated steel sheet metal and UL 94V1 rated PC/ABS plastic provide a long-lasting industrial controller. Indicator LEDs on each module aid troubleshooting, and doors make for a clean appearance. The top of the modules are angled downward to help ensure space for airflow, and to allow the modules to be removed while remaining within the footprint of the base.

Module hold-down Screws

Each module is secured to the base via a captive screw, which extends toward the front of the module for easy screwdriver access.

Unpluggable Terminal Blocks

Wiring connections are made via unpluggable terminal blocks to facilitate the removal of modules in the field. The terminal blocks latch into place and the push-in wire capture style facilitates efficient and reliable wiring. A wire hold-down clip and cable tie points help keep wiring organized.


The RMC200 consists of a base and user-installable modules. Choose the modules for your application:


Power Supply


I/O Modules