RMC200 Feature Key

Flexible Control Loops

Feature Key Module

The Feature Key is a rugged, removable and field-upgradable token that is mounted in the CPU. The Feature Key provides the user-specified control features available to the motion controller. Feature Keys are normally ordered together with the CPU module and are ordered together with specified features.

Control Loops

The control loops on the feature key define the number of control axes. When purchasing a complete motion controller, four control loops are included at no cost. The number of control loops required per axis are:

Axis TypeControl LoopsDescription
Single-loop1An axis is a single-loop axis if it controls one quantity, such as only position, or only force.
Dual-loop2An axis that controls two quantities such as position and force.
Reference0An axis with only an input, and no control output. Also called a half-axis.
Virtual0A type of reference axis with no input, and no control, but provides virtual motion.
Output only0An axis with only an analog output.