RMC200 D24

24 Discrete I/O

D24 Module

The D24 discrete I/O module contains 20 configurable discrete I/O points for 24 Vdc and 4 high-speed discrete inputs for either 5 or 24 Vdc signals.

The four high-speed inputs of the D24 module are software configurable as general-purpose inputs, or quadrature or pulse counter inputs. The D24 quadrature input supports single-ended encoders and encoders with complements, and up to 24 V signals. The D24 quadrature input is not designed for RS-422 drivers, but will function at a reduced input frequency.

Delta always recommends an RS-422 line driver output for quadrature encoders, as it provides the highest speed and very good noise immunity. RS-422 quadrature signals are best supported by the Q4 module and on the S8 module (only one input on the S8). The D24 quadrature is intended for retrofit applications where an existing encoder cannot easily be changed to RS-422. For new machine designs, use RS-422.

D24 Features

  • 20 general purpose discrete I/O points
    • 24 Vdc signals
    • Individually software-configurable as an input or output (solid state relay)
    • Arranged in 3 isolated groups of 8, 8, and 4 I/O points
    • Input ±12-24 Vdc
    • Input 100 µs maximum delay
    • Output max ±30 Vdc
    • Output 1.5 ms maximum delay
  • 4 high-speed inputs
    • 5 or 24 VDC signals (separate pin for 5 or 12-24 Vdc connection)
    • 0.5 µs maximum input delay
    • Maximum input frequency 500 kHz for 12-24 Vdc, 1000 kHz for 5 Vdc
  • 1 LED per I/O point