RMC200 CA4

4 Analog Outputs, ±10 V, 4-20 mA, or ±20 mA, with Fault Inputs and Enable Outputs

CA4 Module

The CA4 module provides four analog outputs specifically designed for control outputs to valves, amplifiers, or drives. The outputs are individually software selectable as ±10 V, 4-20 mA, or ±20 mA for connection to a wide variety of actuators. The CA4 also supports custom ranges within the ±10 Vdc and ±20 mA ranges, such as 0-10 V, 0-5 V, 1-5 V, etc.

Each analog output has an associated 12-24 Vdc Fault Input and a solid state relay Enable Output. The Fault Inputs and Enable Outputs may be dedicated to the respective output, or may be used as generalpurpose discrete I/O.

Three LEDs per channel indicate the state of the respective analog output, Enable Output, and Fault Input.

CA4 Features

  • 18 bit resolution
  • Hardware output filter
  • Output has overload and overvoltage protection
  • Enable output is Solid State Relay, maximum ±30 V
  • Enable output updates within 1.5 ms
  • Fault input ±12-24 Vdc
  • Fault input User selectable active High or active Low
  • Fault input max Off to On delay is 100 µs