RMC150E Communication Options

RMC150E Fieldbus Communication Options

RMC150/151 motion controller is designed to integrate easily with your favorite PLCs, PCs and HMIs.


10/100 Ethernet is built in to the RMC150/151 CPU module, and supports the following protocols:


The -PROFI module can be installed in the leftmost slot of the RMC. This module supports PROFIBUS-DP, with baud rates of 9.6kb to 12Mb.


RMC100 and RMC150 Communications Compatibility with Common Host Systems

Allen-BradleyModule Compatibility
ControlLogixAll Ethernet modules and built-in Ethernet
CompactLogixAll Ethernet modules and built-in Ethernet
MicroLogixAll Ethernet modules and built-in Ethernet
For serial, use the A-B#1761-NET-ENI serial-to-Ethernet converter
PLC5All Ethernet modules
For serial modules, use the A-B#1761-NET-ENI serial-to-Ethernet converter
SLC500Built-in Ethernet with SLC5/05.
For all others SLCs, use the A-B#1761-NET-ENI serial-to-Ethernet converter
Automation Direct
DirectLogic DL05/06Automation Direct# H0-COM
DirectLogic DL205/405Automation Direct# H2-COM, H4-COM
Productivity 3000Built-in Ethernet
RX7iEmbedded Ethernet on CPUs
RX3iEthernet module #IC695ETM001
90-30Ethernet available on new models
Use Delta’s LabVIEW drivers, accessible from NI’s Instrument Driver Network.
Q-series PLCBuilt-in Ethernet module on Q CPUs
QJ71MT91Ethernet module
QJ71E71Ethernet module
L-series PLCBuilt-in Ethernet module on L CPUs
Schneider Electric (Modicon)
PremiumModicon# TSXETY110
QuantumModicon# 140 NOE 211 00
CJ1, CJ1M and CS1Omron# CS1W
CVOmron# CSV500-ETN01
S7-300, S7-400Built-in Ethernet modules
Siemens# CP343/443-1

This is only a partial list. The RMC100 motion controllers can communicate with the above PLCs or any other PLC using the DI/O module. The RMC100 can also communicate directly to many HMIs via Ethernet, A-B DF1, or Modbus RTU or other protocols.

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