RMC150 Analog

Analog Interface Modules

This set of RMC150 modules allow the RMC to interface with analog transducers. Three different analog modules are available:

Inputs Drive Outputs* Input Ranges
H4Analog ±10V or 4-20mA 16-bit2±10 V, 12-bit10V, ±10V, 5V, ±5V, 4-20mA
G*2Analog ±10V only, 16-bit2±10 V, 12-bit10V, ±10V
A4Analog ±10V or 4-20mA, 12-bit2None10V, ±10V, 5V, ±5V, 4-20mA

* Delta recommends the H module instead of the G module. The price is identical, and the H module provides 4 inputs, with 4-20 mA.

The -H module includes drive outputs and is capable of controlling high-precision pressure, force, and position applications. The -G module also includes drive outputs and provides analog position and pressure control. The -A module is capable of accepting pressure, force, and analog reference (e.g. joystick) inputs.

Pressure and force control require the RMC151 CPU. With this CPU an axis can maintain a specified force or follow a force profile. This option also supports smooth transitions between position and pressure while in motion. In many applications, position/pressure control with just one valve simplifies hydraulics and improves performance.

Notice that the -G module does not support current (4-20mA) feedback.

H: Four-Input 16-bit Module Features

G: Two-Input 16-bit Module Features

Current output up to ±200mA is available on both the two- and four-input 16-bit modules with the VC2100 or VC2124 converter option (see Motion Control Accessories).

A: Four-Input 12-bit Module Features