Required Software

RMC150E and RMC151E CPUs

High-Performance Industrial Motion Control

The RMC150/151 CPUs bring the 32-bit software interface and advanced user programs of RMCTools to the multi-axis RMC100 Series, making them Delta’s most powerful 8-axis motion controllers. These controllers combine the new RMC150E CPU with proven RMC100 axis modules. The RMC150E CPU features a built-in 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet port with support for all of the most common industrial protocols, including EtherNet/IP, and is designed to integrate easily with your favorite PLCs and HMIs.


CPU Position/Pressure Control

RMC150E and RMC151E

RMC151E Only

Ethernet Communications

The RMC150E provides built-in Ethernet communications and a USB Monitor port.

Supported Ethernet Protocols