Required Software
RMC150 CPU Heading

RMC150E and RMC151E CPUs

High-Performance Industrial Motion Control

The new RMC150/151 CPUs bring the 32-bit software interface and advanced User Programs of RMCTools to the multi-axis RMC100 Series, making them Delta’s most powerful motion controllers yet. These controllers combine the new RMC150E CPU with proven RMC100 axis modules. The RMC150E CPU features a built-in 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet port with support for all of the most common industrial protocols, including EtherNet/IP, and is designed to integrate easily with your favorite PLCs and HMIs.

The RMCTools software handles setup, programming, tuning and diagnostics for the RMC150/151 controllers in addition to Delta’s 1- and 2-axis RMC70 Series. The RMC150/151 controllers bring the benefits of modular, high-performance motion control to a wide range of industrial applications. Axis modules can be “mixed and matched” for control of servo hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic systems. Powerful control modes—including dual-loop position-pressure algorithms—provide optimum control for your motion applications. Refer to other RMC100 datasheets or the RMCTools online help for more information.

The RMC150 supports position, velocity, pressure, RMC151 supports advanced dual-loop control, such as position-pressure, position-force, velocity-pressure, velocity-force, and active damping.

CPU Position/Pressure Control
RMC150 No
RMC151 Yes


RMC150 and RMC151

RMC151 Only

Ethernet Communications

The RMC150E provides built-in Ethernet communications and a USB Monitor port.

Supported Ethernet Protocols