Four Axis Linear Motion Control Modules

The TMC188/40 family of motion control modules are high-performance linear and rotary motion controllers for the Simatic TI 505 series Programmable Controllers. The TMC188/40 provides four channels of optically isolated position measurement with simultaneous control of four optically isolated drive outputs. On controllers with multiple feedback types, each axis can be independently programmed to use any of the feedback types available as a position sensing device. Analog feedback can be combined with other feedback types for Position-Pressure control. Drive outputs can be configured to work with hydraulic valves and servo drives.


Feedback Types

Diagnostic Program

 Ordering Information

Part number Primary Feedback (position) Secondary Feedback (pressure)
TMC188/40 MDT*  
TMC188/40-Q Quadrature  
TMC188/40-A Analog  
TMC188/40-TQ MDT* or Quadrature  


MDT* or Analog Analog (with MDT* as primary feedback)
TMC188/40-QA Quadrature or Analog Analog (with Quadrature as primary feedback)
TMC188/40-TQA MDT*, Quadrature or Analog Analog (with MDT* or Quadrature as primary feedback

* MDT = Magnetostrictive Displacement Transducers are linear position transducers commonly used in hydraulic cylinders and other linear axes.