Motion Controllers

Motion Controllers

Industrial hydraulic, pneumatic and electric closed loop control.
Position, velocity, pressure/force.

RMC75E RMC75: 1-2 axis
Provides more value for one and two-axis applications, using the RMCTools software for setup, tuning, and diagnostics
RMC75E RMC150: 2-8 axis
Delta’s multi-axis motion controller line—possibly the most versatile pre-programmed motion controller on earth—use it for all your motion needs! The RMC150 CPU is Delta’s newest controller, using the RMCTools software for setup, tuning, and diagnostics.
RMC75E RMC100: 2-8 axis
Two to eight axes using RMCWin for setup and programming.
RMC75E Legacy Controllers: MMC, TMC, VMC, MC
All of Delta’s legacy products are still serviced and available for sale to support existing designs.

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Benefits of Delta’s RMC Series Motion Controllers include:

  • High Performance: Features such as synchronized moves, splines, position-pressure or position-force control, and fast user programs provide higher throughput, improved quality, and reduced machine wear and breakage through optimized control.
  • Communication Connectivity: Support for numerous industrial standards provide efficient communications to the PLC of your choice. Communication options include Ethernet, serial RS-232/485, PROFIBUS, discrete I/O, and Modbus Plus.
  • Transducer Connectivity: The very versatile RMC family connects to virtually all industrial feedback transducers.
  • Quick to Set Up and Optimize: Delta’s command-driven programming, graphing tools, and new Tuning Wizard literally reduce project implementation time from weeks to days.
  • Responsive Support: Bring us your challenges. We strive to be the industry leaders in responsive support and training, before, during and after the sale on legacy as well as newer products.

Summary. Maximize ROI and minimize lifecycle costs. Look to Delta for innovative technology, great products, responsive service, and lasting value.