Color Sensors

Color is one of the last qualities still being checked by human eyes in most applications. Color sensors such as the CS24D are changing this. Electronic color sensors are increasingly being used in automated applications to reduce automation errors and improve quality at production line speeds.

Color sensor in a factory

Delta’s color sensors and sorters are based on our patented pulsed LED technology and offer the benefits of rugged, long-life, solid-state lighting with a wide range of colors from blue to near-infrared.

While most color sensors use a single white LED and filtered detectors, Delta's color sensors are different. They use multiple ultra-high intensity LEDs for smooth, bright lighting and unfiltered large-area precision photodiodes for better signal-to-noise ratio. And the resulting large sensing areas provide superior performance on textured materials.

Be confident the color you want is traveling down your production line. Delta’s color sensors provide superior performance in a wide variety of applications, even with textured and other difficult materials.


Model Features
CS24D Accurate color detection—even on textured or uneven surfaces
Teach to recognize up to fifteen different colors
Optimize performance with easy-to-use ColorSense software (included)
Teach with eight readings per color to accommodate normal color variations
Discrete 12-24VDC I/O for compatibility with any PLC
CS64A Four Analog 0-10VDC outputs, proportional to diffuse reflected light from the sensing area