CS64A Series Color Sensors

Color Sensor with Analog Outputs

The CS64A color sensor is a fast, compact production line automation tool that provides analog outputs proportional to product color. The CS64A's large sensing area and intense lighting make it relatively immune to product texture and other non-color variations. In the automobile industry, for example, the CS64A allows the color of seats, headliners, door panels, etc., to be quickly and accurately determined.

The CS64A color sensors fill the market between low-end color sensors/color mark readers and spectrometers/color vision systems. The CS64A has better performance and more versatility than typical color sensors. The CS64A is intended for on-line use, whereas spectrometers are typically used off-line and where L* a* b* readings are required. Color vision systems are preferred over color sensors where dimensional information is the primary requirement, and consistent color readings are of less importance.

The CS64A works by analyzing reflected light captured by its silicon cell. It determines color by turning on only one color at a time. Four colors, blue, green, red, and near-infrared, are read in just 100 microseconds, and the outputs are updated every 860 microseconds.


Ordering Information

We will analyze your samples and determine the best CS64A configuration. Contact us for details on this evaluation service.

License agreements provide Delta with the exclusive rights to use the CS64A technology in all applications outside of frozen potato processing. Should you have any questions, please contact a Delta representative.