Feature Comparison Chart

Delta's new CS24D: Not your ordinary Color Sensor

Ordinary Features CS24D Features Benefits
One white LED, small sensing area, direct light detection 24 ultra-bright LEDs, large sensing area, diffuse light detection Better color detection of dark objects, much better on textured surfaces, more tolerant of curved and angled surfaces and standoff distance variations
Color Only and Color Plus Intensity modes Color Only, Color Plus Intensity, and Optimized to Teach data Successful differentiation of objects of very similar colors is often possible only when optimized—easy with Delta’s ColorSense software—just maximize the predicted standard deviation score
One reading per Teach 8 readings per Teach Accommodates permissible variations in object color and orientation
Teach to recognize 4 different color objects Teach to recognize 15 different color objects More applications can be handled using fewer sensors
Non-isolated NPN or PNP output versions Isolated solid state relay (SSR) outputs All sensors are compatible with any 12-24Vdc I/O

How well will the CS24D work in your applications? There are two easy ways to find out.

  1. Send us your samples. We will test them and send a report showing the performance and offering suggestions for optimizing—at no charge to you.
  2. Order a demo kit and try for yourself.

Or do both! For more information email sales@colorsensors.com or call +1-360-254-8688.