Buying Delta Products

RMC Motion Controllers

To configure an RMC and request a quote, see the Request a Quote section below. To make a purchase, contact one of our distributors.

MMC120 and Legacy Products

Contact Delta to purchase MMC120 or legacy controllers.

Motion Control Accessories

Contact one of our distributors or Delta. Pricing for accessories is listed on the motion control accessories pricing page.

Color Sensors

Contact Delta for information on purchasing color sensors.

Step and Touch Instruments

Contact Delta or for information on purchasing Step and Touch Instruments.


To purchase training, select a session from the training schedules and complete the registration form. The schedule shows dates, prices, locations, for each session. Delta will contact you with payment details after registration.

A general list of training options and prices is available on the education page.

Request a Quote

Use Delta's configuration tools to configure an RMC and request a quote online. A quote will be emailed to you.

For help with a configuration or quote please call +1-360-254-8688 or contact a Regional Technical Sales Manager.