VC2124 Heading


Voltage-to-Current Converters

The VC2124 voltage-to-current converter transforms ±10V signals into current signals capable of driving hydraulic servo valves or similar loads. It also provides a convenient way to set the full scale current to match valve requirements, limit maximum current, or set optimum working ranges.

These bipolar outputs are switch selectable in 10 mA increments up to +/- 100 milliamps (mA) on each of two channels. The VC2124 requires a single 24 V power supply, eliminating the dual 15 V supplies needed by other converters.

In addition to being able to drive two valves separately, the VC2124's two channels can be combined in a parallel configuration to drive larger servo valves that require more than 100 mA but less than or equal to 200 mA.

To aid in diagnostics and troubleshooting, the converter module provides two LED indicators for each channel (one indicating input voltage amplitude and polarity and one indicating output saturation, which may represent an output fault such as a loose wire).