VC2100 Heading


Voltage-to-Current Converters

The VC2100 voltage-to-current converter transforms ±10V signals into current signals capable of driving hydraulic servo valves or similar loads. It also provides a convenient way to set the full scale current to match valve requirements, limit maximum current, or set optimum working ranges.

While this product was designed to interface the MMC120, RMC100, and RMC70 family of motion controllers directly to servo valves, it can be applied to any controller or application that requires a voltage-to-current conversion.




The VC2100-HS voltage-to-current converter is a high-speed version of the VC2100. The 3dB frequency is 15 kHz compared to 1.4 kHz for the VC2100. This enables signal conversion for an expanded range of applications, including motion control and functional performance testing.

Besides the expanded frequency response feature, the VC2100-HS shares the same specifications as the VC2100.