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Quadrature Encoder Capability added to new RMC200 Electro-Hydraulic Motion Controllers
European Region Adds Director of Business Development
Open- vs. Closed-loop Control in Fluid Power Applications
Electro-Hydraulic Motion Controller
New Control System Doubles Honing Machine's Productivity



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Phil Lin - Regional Sales Manager  - Asia Pacific / China


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SKS Group in Europe


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Quadrature Encoder Capability added to new RMC200 Electro-Hydraulic Motion Controllers

Delta Computer Systems, Inc. announces its new Quadrature encoder input module (Q4) for the RMC200 motion controller. The RMC200, which handles up to 32 axes, is the newest and most capable member of Delta's RMC family of closed-loop electro-hydraulic motion controllers.


European Region Adds Director of Business Development

Delta announced that Delta's Senior Systems Software Engineer, Dr. Tim Gessner, has been appointed as the European Director of Business Development.


Dr. Gessner has assumed responsibility for Delta's sales and distribution management throughout Europe. As Delta's European Director of Business Development, Tim will draw upon over 17 years of experience with Delta in engineering development and applications support and over 30 years of experience in the engineering and business fields.






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Open- vs. Closed-loop Control in Fluid Power Applications

Some of the most complex motion control problems come from fluid power applications because the medium involved (air or hydraulic oil) doesn't respond to control inputs in a linear manner. The choice between using open-loop versus closed-loop control revolves around the concept of feedback, and how important it is for the particular motion system to take feedback into account. (Control Engineering, August 2017)

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Electro-Hydraulic Motion Controller

Machine builders that need precision hydraulic motion control, coupled with data acquisition during the machine cycle, can benefit more from a customized electro-hydraulic motion controller than from a PLC. An example are wheel-and-axle assemblies for the railcar-manufacturing industry. The process of attaching wheels and bearings to axles must meet the strict specifications of the Association of American Railroads (AAR), which requires that, in addition to making sure that precise assembly measurements are adhered to, a record is kept of the forces encountered during the pressing process.



Fig. 1—After the wheels are pressed onto the axle in the Mittler Brothers press, bearings are pressed onto each end of the axle.




New Control System Doubles Honing Machine's Productivity

Replacing large production machines can be prohibitively expensive, but upgrading a machine’s controls for greater speed, reliability, and versatility can be an investment that quickly pays for itself.

Older machine designs can be given new life by retrofitting new motion control systems. Such is the case for Sunnen Products Co., St. Louis, and its latest generation of heavy-duty tube honing system, the HTG. Honing is done on the inner walls of oil drilling pipe, hydraulic cylinders, nuclear fuel rods, and other pipe segments to achieve a precision size while reducing metallurgical stress and creating a cross-hatched surface finish.(Hydraulics & Pneumatics, July 2017)


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November 1-2, 2017

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Video Tutorials An easy way to get up to speed on the RMC's features with easy to follow video guides.


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Dec 6-7, 2017 (Battleground, WA)


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People at DELTA

Phil Lin - Regional Sales Manager  - Asia Pacific / China

Phil Lin comes to Delta with a background in engineering, sales, marketing and business development with over 22 years of domestic and international experience gained at Intel, IBM and Sharp Electronics.  Phil’s academic credentials include a BS in Electrical Engineering and has completed all MSEE coursework at the University of Akron in Ohio. 

One of Deltas Best European Distributors

Distributor Highlight - SKS Group in Europe

The SKS Group is a Finnish family-owned enterprise founded in 1924. Our core businesses and six of our companies are in Finland.

SKS Group has international units in Poland, Sweden, Russia and Estonia.

Drawing on its strong technical skills, the SKS Group offers product and service solutions to machine and equipment builders in Finland and other selected market areas




Latest RMC Software & Firmware


(09.20.2017 / V4.0a)

(01.11.2016 / V2.31.2b)

RMC200 CPU Firmware is V1.06.1 and RMC200 modules (varies) see website
RMC75/RMC150 firmware is V3.66.1


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