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  • Controlling the Biggest Water Show on Earth in Macau
  • New Motion Controller Gives
    Pulley Manufacturing Press
    a New Lease on Life
  • Electrohydraulic Controls Improve Ship Stability



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  • Tim Gessner


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Controlling the Biggest Water Show on Earth in Macau

Taking in Franco Dragone's The House of Dancing Water production in Macau, China's City of Dreams, is breathtaking. Sophisticated staging is actually composed of eight different lift sections. The stage sits atop a forest of hydraulic cylinders that lift and lower the sections up to 27 ft. in the world's largest indoor swimming pool. At times the lifts are raised to form a dry stage and at other times, they independently recede to produce a water pool for swimmers, only to emerge again carrying large props such as a pagoda structure and a 26-ton ship.

New Motion Controller Gives
Pulley Manufacturing Press
a New Lease on Life

The scenario is common across industrial America: An aging machine begins to experience electrical glitches. Longer lead times for maintenance calls and a shrinking pool of experienced service providers becomes increasingly problematic. Controls begin to wear out, causing machine downtime and scrapping in-process materials. Knowing the machine still has a

useful life ahead, and with the price tag for a replacement in the six-figure range, management seeks a fix that’s viable in the long run.


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Electrohydraulic Controls Improve Ship Stability

For more than a century, large ships have used stabilizing fins to smooth out their ride through rolling seas. The force that fins produce is related to the angle of the fin
and the speed of the vessel through the water. Fin systems are typically moved by hydraulics and require active control. They are designed to use the speed of the sea water (while the ship is under way) to generate stabilizing force. This same force must be overcome by the hydraulics if the fin is to change direction.

Adaptive Phase Control Makes Testing and Tuning Easy

Delta announces a new feature in Delta's RMC family of motion controllers that simplifies tuning in multi-axis sinusoidal cyclic testing applications with servo hydraulics. By implementing easy-to-modify user programs within Delta's RMCTools software, a testing process can now perform adaptive phase control as well as amplitude and offset control.


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Delta Presents at MSOE Fluid Power Technical Conference

Delta is pleased to announce that Peter Nachtwey, Delta's President, was invited to deliver a technical presentation at the Fluid Power World Technical Conference at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) in Milwaukee Wisconsin during June 21 and 22, 2016. This presentation will be focused on testing applications and is titled Cyclical testing in fluid power applications: Why frequency matters in sinusoidal testing.


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People at DELTA

Tim Gessner, Software Engineer

Please join us in welcoming back Tim Gessner, now known as Dr. Tim. Tim is a California native who learned to love the Pacific Northwest summers during his early years, worked in business systems, ERP and CRM systems prior to joining Delta in 2000 as a software development engineer. He initially contributed to RMCWin improvements, then the development of the RMC75, RMC150 and RMCTools. In 2011 he left to pursue a PhD in Theology at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. That 4 year UK experience added to his Bachelors and 2 Masters Degrees in Theology. Tim and his wife Doreen returned to the Pacific Northwest late in 2015, to be near their son and daughter and fortunately returned to Delta during a key phase of product development.


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Discussion Forum Update on Multi-Turn SSI AI25

Delta has tested the multi-turn SSI AI25.


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Distributor Highlight - Donald Engineering

Donald Engineering became a reality in 1963 when co-founders Donald and Barb Gauthier realized their goal of building an engineering and distribution company in the fluid power industry. Their company went on to become the industry benchmark for customer service, quality, and attention to detail. Today, Donald Engineering continues this vision.

Donald Engineering is a solution provider for Industrial Fluid Power control. DE provides electrical motion control solutions as well. By definition, we are a distributor for motion control products and systems. By practice, we are a solution provider. We have worked in areas of metal fabrication, stamping, roll forming, material handling, and industrial automation.


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