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RMC200 Motion Controller adds Larger Base Modules and Power Supply capability

June 26, 2017 - Battle Ground, WA - DELTA's new RMC200 motion controller (up to 32 Axis) has added more Base Modules and Power Supply options delivering more muscle for larger manufacturing processes and testing equipment. Delta Computer Systems Inc. of Battle Ground, Washington announced the RMC200 with a B7 or 7 slot module in September of 2016. The initial B7 Base Module provided the capability of 12 axes (compared to the 8 axis limit of existing RMC150 motion controllers). Expanded capability is now production-ready for B11 and B15 Base Modules delivery to accommodate applications from 13 to 32 axes in user defined increments. (See Images below)

The RMC200 Base Modules make installation easy for Delta's worldwide customer base. Every RMC200 motion module rocks in (and out) of the Base Module -- rotating around a pivot point when installed (or removed). Each Base module has 1 slot for the power supply (PS4D or PS6D) and 1 CPU slot. The B7 supports 5 I/O slots, the B11 supports 9 I/O slots and the B15 supports 13 I/O slots. B7 and B11 Base Modules employ the 24 volt, 35 watt PS4D. For the B15 Base module, the new 56 watt PS6D power supply will handle any possible I/O configuration.

RMC FamilyRMC FamilyRMC Family

RMC200 Base Modules and Power Supply Options

"Our customers love the capabilities and ease-of-use of our motion controllers, but increasingly need more axes than we have offered in one controller," said Steve Nylund, Delta Computer Systems CEO. "The Base Module options, B7, B11 and B15 with a larger Power Supply satisfy this increased demand for scalability." Nylund added.

With the capacity to handle closed-loop control of up to 32 motion axes, a single RMC200 can manage the industrial motion needs in many processing production lines. The RMC200 uses the same RMCTools software as the other Delta controllers-the RMC75 (can control 1 or 2 axes) and the RMC150 (can control up to 8 axes). Delta RMCs have special capabilities for synchronizing the motion of multiple axes, enabling the construction of machines with scalable performance and quick production changeovers. And all Delta controllers can provide built-in dual loop support for controlling pressure/force/torque as well as position/velocity/acceleration. The controller can transition smoothly between these control modes, enabling smooth, reliable motion.

The RMC200 extends the capabilities of previous generations of RMC motion controllers for number of axes (32), making the Delta RMC200 the most capable electro-hydraulic motion controller offered to industry.

About Delta: For more than 35 years, Delta has supplied motion controllers and other industrial products that enable better performing machines. Delta's RMC Motion Controllers are used for hydraulic, pneumatic and electric closed-loop control in a wide array of single and multi-axis control and testing applications. For more information contact Delta Computer Systems, Inc., at 360-254-8688, or email