Press Release

Adaptive Amplitude Control makes Testing and Tuning Easy

December 23, 2014 - Battle Ground, WA - Delta Computer Systems, Inc. announces a new feature in Delta's RMC family of motion controllers that simplifies tuning in cyclic testing applications that use sine, triangle and square waves with servo hydraulics. By implementing easy-to-modify user programs within Delta's RMCTools software, a testing process can now perform adaptive amplitude and offset control. In cyclic testing, adaptive amplitude control solves these problems:

In cyclic testing, where the amplitude and offset are more important than precisely tracking the entire waveform, adaptive amplitude control is very valuable in that it continuously adjusts the amplitude of the Target signal so that the amplitude of the Actual signal is where it needs to be. For example, to achieve a sine wave with an actual amplitude of 1, the adaptive control may adjust the target amplitude to 1.5, and continue to adjust in order to maintain the correct actual amplitude.

Amplitude Chart

Target Amplitude continuously adjusts to achieve correct Actual Amplitude

"Delta's adaptive control capability eases cyclic testing and data acquisition using our RMC servo-hydraulics motion controllers." stated Steve Nylund, Delta's CEO. Nylund added, "For applications demanding unique patterns where consistent control and traceability for position, speed, pressure or force are needed, adaptive control can be very useful."

About Delta Computer Systems

For more than 32 years, Delta has been a supplier of motion controllers and other industrial products that enable OEMs and integrators to build better machines and get to market quickly. Delta's Family of RMC Motion Controllers are used for hydraulic, pneumatic and electric closed-loop control in a wide array of single and multi-axis control and testing applications. For more information contact Bill Savela, Delta Computer Systems, Inc. or email Editor: Please indicate Adaptive Control for Easy Tuning for inquiry identification.