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Delta Motion Controllers add Redundant Feedback

May 6, 2013 — Battle Ground, WA — Delta Computer Systems, Inc. Delta Computer Systems, Inc. announces the addition of Redundant Feedback to Delta’s RMC75 and RMC150 closed loop Motion Controllers.

Redundant Feedback is useful for applications deemed critical for uptime. With this feature, if one of multiple feedback sensors fails, the system can switch to another feedback sensor on the fly and continue to function and produce without disruption. The user has full flexibility in defining the logic by which the feedback is selected, permitting the implementation of various types of redundancy methods. For details on Redundant Feedback and other Custom Feedback features download RMCTools from Delta’s website, Visit the Delta online forum for examples at

Axis Definitions RMC75 and RMC150

Delta’s RMCTools Redundant Feedback

“Delta customers want more reliability when doing precise position and/or pressure/force control in harsh environments,” stated Steve Nylund, Delta’s CEO. “The Redundant Feedback feature of our Custom Feedback can help deliver more uptime in these critical applications.” Nylund added.

The high performance motion control products that Delta designs, manufactures and markets are used worldwide for hydraulic, pneumatic and electric closed-loop control in a wide array of single and multi-axis applications, including testing, food, energy, automotive, entertainment, plastics, materials, aerospace, metals, forest products and others.

About Delta Computer Systems: For 30 years, Delta has supplied motion controllers, color sensors, and other industrial products that enable OEMs & integrators to build better machines. For more information contact Bill Savela, Delta Computer Systems, Inc. 1818 SE 17th Street, Battle Ground, WA. 98604. P +1-360-254-8688, fax +1-360-254-5435, or email Editor: Your personnel may indicate DELTA Redundant Feedback for inquiry identification.