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Steel Dynamics Improves Efficiency with MTS Sensors and DELTA Motion Controllers

Indianapolis, IN (May 2, 2011) At the Iron and Steel Technology Expo (AISTech), May 2-5, Hartsock Industrial is showcasing a unique linear feedback sensor and motion control system based on technology from MTS Sensors and DELTA Computer Systems, Inc. The system, implemented by Steel Dynamics in 2009, significantly improved the efficiency of the company’s continuous caster and allowed them to easily expand from a three to four strand caster at the company’s operations in Columbia City, Indiana.

The system replaced traditional open-loop solutions in pusher table controls used to position steel I-beams after casting. The MTS Sensor and DELTA Motion control solution provided position feedback for synchronized motion control of the pusher table hydraulic cylinders. The result has been almost 100 percent equipment uptime in the past three years.

"Prior to implementing this solution, it was possible for beams to fall out of alignment with the pusher dogs during transfer, causing significant downtime while cranes were brought in to reposition them," Andy Hartsock, President, Hartsock Industrial. "Using Temposonics® position feedback technology from MTS Sensors along with multi-axis motion controllers from DELTA, we were able to virtually eliminate those misalignments improving both efficiency and safety in the manufacturing process."

The system incorporates G-Series position transducers from MTS sensors and RMC150 multi-axis motion controllers from DELTA Computer Systems, Inc. Additionally, ATOS servo valves were supplied by the FloDraulic Group and software integration was performed by Stoeller Automation.

"This unique application shows the value of a systems approach that a knowledgeable supplier such as Hartsock can provide to manufacturers," Matt Hankinson, Technical Marketing Manager, MTS Sensors, explained. "Using MTS Sensors that connect easily to Delta’s Motion controllers, Hartsock helped Steel Dynamics cut operation costs and improve overall operations through less machine downtime."

To learn more, visit Hartsock at Booth 882 or contact Andy Hartsock, Hartsock Industrial, 6723 E 700 North, Brownsburg, IN 46112. Phone: (317) 858-8250. E-mail: or visit For information on MTS Sensors contact: Matt Hankinson, MTS Systems, Sensors Division, 3001 Sheldon Drive, Cary, NC 27513. Phone: (919) 677-2347. E-mail: or visit For information on DELTA, contact Bill Savela, DELTA Computer Systems, Inc. 1818 SE 17th Street, Battle Ground, WA. 98604. Phone: +1-360-254-8688, Fax: +1-360-254-5435. Email: or visit

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