Press Release

Delta Universal I/O Module Enhances Motion Control

February 1, 2010 — Battle Ground, WA — Delta Computer Systems, Inc. has announced a new Universal I/O module for use in multi-axis RMC150 motion controllers. Production units will be available in March, 2010.


The Universal I/O module (UI/O) has two analog inputs, six discrete I/O and two high-speed quadrature/SSI channels. The 16-bit analog inputs can be used for pressure/force control or as position or velocity reference inputs. The flexible quadrature/SSI channels can be configured as ½-axis quadrature or SSI reference inputs for gearing, or can be used to synchronize multiple RMC150 controllers for applications requiring more than 8 axes. The initial release has the capability to send and receive 32 bits of data between controllers which will increase to sixteen 32-bit words in a near future release.

"The UI/O module offers value in a variety of applications, especially those where additional reference inputs are needed or where more than 8 axes need to be synchronized" stated Steve Nylund, Delta’s CEO. "This new module demonstrates Delta’s ongoing commitment to innovative products for ever larger and more connected industrial applications." Nylund added.

The high performance motion control products that Delta designs, manufactures and markets are used worldwide for hydraulic, pneumatic and electric closed-loop control in a wide array of single and multi-axis applications, including food, energy, automotive, entertainment, plastics, materials testing, aerospace, metals and forest products.

About Delta Computer Systems: For more than 28 years, Delta has been a supplier of motion controllers, color sensors, and other industrial products that enable OEMs and integrators to build better machines and get to market quickly. For more information contact Bill Savela, Delta Computer Systems, Inc. 1818 SE 17th Street, Battle Ground, WA 98604. Phone +1-360-254-8688, fax +1-360-254-5435, or email Editor: Your personnel may indicate DELTA Universal I/O module for inquiry identification.