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2009 and Older Press Releases

12.23.2009UL Certifies Delta RMC Motion Controllers for Class I Division 2
11.30.2009Quick and Easy Data Transfer between Delta Motion Controllers and Siemens PLCs
07.14.2009Second Edition Expands Practical Design Guide
05.04.2009Delta Moves to New Building
03.13.2009Delta Offers Free RetroKit
02.02.2009I/O Module Synchronizes Multiple Controllers
12.19.2008DELTA Has Fun in PROTOTYPE THIS Backyard Waterslide Episode
08.25.2008Plug-and-Play Instrument Driver for National Instruments LabVIEW
08.20.2008Delta Adds Resolver Feedback Interface to RMC150 Motion Controllers
12.18.2007New Software for Testing Applications
10.10.2007EtherNet/IP Conformance Tested™ Mark on RMC70 and RMC150 Motion Controllers
09.29.2007RMC Motion Controllers support Omron FINS protocol
07.20.2007CS24D Color Sensor offers a practical and effective backup to the human eye for sorting and color verification
07.15.2007Delta Announces New RMC150 Multi-axis Motion Controller Production Schedule
03.31.20073Q ’07 Availability for New RMC150E Motion Controller CPU
03.15.2007Delta’s Impact Video Describes Company, Motion Control Benefits
02.28.2007Practical Design Guide for Fluid Power Motion Control offered by Delta Computer Systems
02.23.2007Delta’s Live, Online RMC Motion Control Training is Instructor Led and Cost Effective
10.02.2006New Software Upgrade Enhances Delta Computer Systems’ RMC70 Series Motion Controller
06.16.2006Delta Computer Systems Supports New $21 Million Engineering Research Center
04.13.2006Delta "Gears" Expansion Module for Encoder Reference Input
01.27.2006RMCLink ActiveX Control Easily Connects Delta’s Motion Controllers, PC Applications
09.15.2005Delta Adds Resolver Feedback Interface to RMC100 Motion Controllers
09.01.2005Delta Adds Ethernet Communications to the RMC70 Series Motion Controllers
08.26.2005Bruce Coons and Timothy Beblo join Delta Computer Systems, Inc. as Eastern Regional Sales Managers
08.26.2005Nick McClellan joins Delta Computer Systems, Inc. as a Network Specialist
08.25.2005Delta’s President and Hydraulics & Pneumatics Magazine begin Motion Control article series
01.28.2005Delta’s new Tuning Wizard simplifies and speeds the closed loop tuning process
11.29.2004New VC2124 Voltage to Current Converter uses 24 volt Power Supply
10.22.2004Delta's President Speaks at FPDA Fall Meeting in St. Louis
08.23.2004Analog Feedback Options Added to the RMC70
08.03.2004Expansion Module adds Discrete I/O to RMC70 Motion Controller
06.17.2004PROFIBUS Added to RMC70
02.20.2004Delta's new Logo delivers "Motion Control and More" in 2004
02.10.2004Delta expert presents Motion Control Tuning paper at National Manufacturing Week in Chicago.
01.15.2004Delta’s New RMC70 Series Motion Controllers Offer More Value for One- and Two-Axis Applications
06.23.2003Siemens and Delta Computer Systems Team Up To Help Ring Container Improve Productivity and Cut Costs
04.18.2003 Delta Announces Membership in the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA)
03.3.2003Control Design Article: Machine Builders Speak, Vendors Listen
03.25.2003 New "Point and Click" Motion Profile Tool Shortens Design Time
02.28.2003 Customers get a Click out of Delta's Video over the Web
01.28.2003New VC2100-HS Voltage-to-Current Converter
11.29.2002William E. Savela, P.E. joins Delta in Marketing/Sales Capacity
10.30.2002 Engineer Jacob R. Paso joins Delta in quality assurance capacity
10.23.2002 Web-based RMC Configuration Tool for Motion Control
07.30.2002 RMC100 Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) module introduced
03.22.2002 RMCWin software - Now you can download and test-drive the software yourself!
RMC-Stepper motion module controls stepper motors with or without quadrature feedback
RMC-Ethernet provides motion control for Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley's ControlLogix PLC
Test right from your desk! With Delta's RMC Servo Simulator
Software Engineer Timothy Gessner joins Delta
Manufacturing Machinery OEM's now have a high-performance motion controller that connects to economical peripherals
Don Denman promoted to Senior Applications Specialist at Delta Computer Systems, Inc.
RMC-Stepper motion module controls stepper motors with or without quadrature feedback
RMC-Ethernet provides motion control for Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley's ControlLogix PLC.
RMC100-S1-DI/O Servo Motion Controller. Sophisticated motion with SSI-compatible feedback
Multi-Axis RMC100-M1-S1-H1-D1-Modbus Plus Motion Controller. Mix & match multiple transducer feedback.
RMC101-Q1-S1-H1-ENET Motion Controller. Quadrature encoder interface, analog transducer feedback, and Ethernet.

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