Technical Notes

Need Drives Motion Controller Selection

The need for today's manufacturers to be more competitive is driving machine designers to implement sophisticated motion control to help improve quality and reduce waste from production processes.

Fluid Power vs. Electromechanical Power

Many engineers use electric motors when fluid power using hydraulics or pneumatics would actually be a better power choice.

Fluid Power Basics

Fluid power is used in a diverse range of applications from mobile construction and aerospace equipment to powering industrial machinery, and offers several advantages over other types of motive force.

Designing Fluid Power Systems for Material Handling

Advanced material handling applications go beyond simply transporting objects on a conveyor belt.

Spline Functions Generate Smooth Moves for Motion Controllers

With spline functions, implementing smoothly curving motion profiles is as easy as providing the motion controller with position coordinates and drawing a curve which connects the dots.

Do’s and Don’ts of Hydraulic System Design

If you are designing a hydraulic system for precise machine control there are a few things you should consider.