Magazine Articles

Control Design
Machine Builders Speak, Vendors Listen - A Legacy of Performance
Color Sensor CS24D General Article Mention
Hydraulics Fill Molds Faster
Design for TCO (under Upgrade Control Systems)

Control Engineering
FAA uses electrohydraulic controls for runway testing
Motion Control Moves Bacon Faster
Motion controller can rejuvenate your machine

Design News
Auto Tuning Hydraulic Control Systems
Deep-Draw Metal Forming Press Uses Hydraulic Motion Controller

Design World
A Second Look at Electro-Hydraulic Motion Control Systems

Hydraulic Presses / Crossbreeding Technology

Fluid Power Journal
Motion Control Technology Advances Aid Precision Automotive Manufacturing

Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Filter noise to improve machine productivity
Testing keeps BOPs safe
LMI Aerospace’s stretch forming machine retrofit
Saw Smarts Come from Control
Delta RMC Solves Testing Challenges
Hay Baler Press Application
Working Under Pressure: Using a Motion Controller for Pressure Control
Closed Loop Control Simplifies Cyclical Testing
On/off or Closed-Loop Control?
Powering the Worlds Largest Motion Platform
Choosing the Right Valve
Get More from Closed-Loop Control
Size the Cylinder Right for Proper Servo Operation
Fine Resolution Provides Precise Positioning
Closed-Loop Tuning Secrets Revealed!
Accumulators: The Unsung Heroes of Hydraulic Motion Control
Rotary Encoders are Good for Your System
The Truth about Problem Valves

Concrete Solution

International Forest
Saving time without cutting corners

Machine Design
Retrofitting with advanced motion controllers
Hydraulics Safely and Smoothly Moves Broadway Stage
Earthquake Simulator Relies on Hydraulics and Electronics
Waterslide Simulator
Electrohydraulic Controls Boost Thermal Drilling
How Hydraulic Motion Control Measures Up
Guidelines for Sizing Servohydraulics
Pressing Need for Hydraulic Servos
Hydraulic controls transform press technology

Metalforming Magazine
Piper Picked a Perfect Press

Motion System Design
Testing, testing, 1-2-3

NASA Tech Briefs/Motion Control Technology
Motion Controllers as Data Acquisition and Testing Tools
Intelligent Control Increases Motion Systems ROI
Delta Motion Controller Helps ADI Improve Automotive Chassis Testing
Electronic Motion Controller Simplifies Hydraulic Press Controls

Panel World
Lathe Work

Quality Magazine
Pipe Strength Testing
Fatigue Testing Brings Better Parts (Also in August NDT Supplement)
Tight Pressure Control (October 2008 NDT)
Motion Control Makes Prosthetics Testing Easier (April 2008 NDT)

Timber Processing
Bandmill Controls